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Pastor Allen Dotson Image Pastor - Allen Dotson

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Allen is a retired Marine. He spent tours in the Gulf War and in Afghanistan. He has been an evangelist since 2011. He founded Proclaimers Of Christ Ministries, which is a street ministry that takes the public proclamation of Christ to the streets of Knoxville, Tennessee, as well as other cities. He holds a certificate in Biblical Studies and Theology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. His desire is for Christ to be glorified, to see the lost come to Christ, and for believers to walk closer with Christ. He has been married to his wife, Sherry, since 1985. They have 3 grown children, Whitney, Ashley, and Joshua.

Church Administrator Jason Stallings Image Church Administrator - Jason Stallings
Hello, my name is Jason. I have a nickname I earned during my career as a paramedic (Bulldog). It was given to me because I'm tenacious while at work as a paramedic. I served as a paramedic for twenty years, but I have about twenty-eight years total in emergency medicine. I was licensed in the state of Tennessee, and I also carried a certificate and license from The University of Baltimore Maryland (UMBC) as a critical care paramedic (hardest class I believe I've ever taken). I also served as a reserve deputy for Anderson County Sheriff's Office for five or six years. I had a relatively uneventful childhood. I attended church on Sunday. I would ride the church bus. Every summer the church I was attending would sponsor a church summer camp. We would get to go for a week to a camp that was about a two or three hour bus ride from our church. The cost of the camp I'm sure wasn't cheap but here's the good part. We got to earn credits to reduce the cost by memorizing and reciting Bible verses. The church had a huge list of verses, and each verse was worth amount of credit depending on the difficulty and length of the verse. We had maybe a month or so to earn as many credits as possible. Well, it was during the summer camp between my sixth and seventh grade year I was brought to Jesus while at this camp. I continued to attend church throughout the school year and before you know it camp time was here again. This year at camp I was baptized. . I had a great-grandfather who was a southern Baptist preacher. I'm retired now (medically disabled) from several severe back injuries. During those twenty years of emergency medicine, I have always felt a calling to serve God, but I kept telling God "I don't have the time". Now I tell people all I have is time, "God sure does work in those mysterious ways". . I have five children total however one passed away at four months of age suddenly and unexpected (SIDS). I also have two grandsons. I also enjoy fishing and going to the range and practicing the shooting drills from my days on the sheriff's office however I've not been in a long time. I think due to my experiences in emergency medicine an area I would like to explore would be critical incident therapy as well as marriage counseling and grief counseling for parents who have lost children like myself. But, my spiritual gift assessments show strengths in teaching, leading, administration and wisdom. Truthfully I am leaving my direction up to God. He will lead me and put me in the opportunities and places He wants me. As far as this training I literally stumbled across it one Saturday when I was trying to figure how to jump start this ministry pathway. I am blessed to have the two best mentors anyone could ask for. I am also blessed to be in a church that was just planted within the last year. So I am already getting experience of working with my mentors who by the way are the leaders. Nothing beats education and on-the-job training.

Director of Missions Jessie Hood Image Director of Missions - Jessie Hood
Hey everyone!! Excited to have you join us in our journey as a team! Im originally from Dickson County Tennessee. Born and raised in Tennessee my whole life. Moved up here to Knoxville for a chance of a better opportunity. Most of my young adult life I was employed in the retail and restaurant field. From there I found a career path of being a Letter Carrier in Oak Ridge. Six years later I found my salvation through God and have been a new creation ever since. My wife Sydney was born and raised in Oak Ridge Tennessee. She worked as a Sandwich Artist for Subway. Now since our daughter Scarlett was born she has been a full time stay at home mom. We are just so hungry for the word, to grow together and impact God's Kingdom! We want to spread the word of God any way we can. Our cup overflows and we strive to pour into others amazing truth and knowledge for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God Bless!